Days away from HomE

Mission Statement

Giving our participants an opportunity to explore their independent living skills, as well as their self-esteem in a supportive environment.

Giving carers and parents an opportunity to take a break and recharge their energy levels.

You are welcome to drop by or call to check on your loved one during their stay with us.

We want you to feel safe and worry free during their time with us.

Mission: Providing a safe and comfortable place to stay

Vision: Having fun away from home in a supported environment


The Supports We Offer

  • Community access / public transport
  • Individual / personal growth
  • Independent Self care, building your independent living skills
  • Recognise a safe environment
  • Explore local community / Area
  • Learn + Play + Growth through positive experiences

Our Activities

  • Exploring skills and build on participant’s ability to discover maximum potential to manage independence
  • Learn by having fun, we assist in gauging abilities to live independently
  • We will work together to plan activities and meals during your stay
  • Community access with support using public transport / day trips / in house activities and more
  • Work on self-reflection and positive behaviour
  • Team work, sharing and self-care talks
  • Supported environment to gain skills like cooking, washing, hanging / folding clothes, washing dishes, make a bed, personnel hygiene, basic cleaning, gardening and social community connects.

Who is Eligible and Pricing

“Days away from HomE” is accessible to individuals with disabilities as well as aged care client. Participants need to have their own funding.

‘Days away from HomE’ is available for 1-5 days or longer by arrangement.

Fees – will depend on lengths of stay, please call for more information

What to Bring

You will need:

  • Appropriate clothing for the weather and planned activities
  • Toiletries
  • All medications in use
  • Any home comforts that would help make their stay enjoyable
  • Money to cover recreational activities and outings where fees apply

Medications: people who are on medication require a medical form to be completed by a doctor detailing the medication, dosage and how often. This medication MUST accompany the person coming into Days away from HomE. Medication MUST be in original pack or a Webster / blister pack.

What to Expect During your Stay

Days away from HomE will enable you to try living independently for a short time, with the support of staff that are trained and qualified in the care of people with complex needs.

Offering a change from your normal environment, you will still be able to do your usual every day leisure activities, while given the opportunity to learn and try new things.

Knowing what you like to do will help us to make your stay more enjoyable. We will encourage you and your families to help us plan your recreation and activities whilst you are with us.

When available, we will also access Council / Community events, such as attending concerts, theatre performances, movies, sports and travel.

We will tailor our support and services to your individual needs, helping to maximize your potential, expressing your personalities and aiding control in your life within a warm, safe and homely environment.

Days away from HomE is located in Elizabeth East. All meals, laundry, towels and bed linen are included in the services.

You are welcome to contact us. We look forward to arranging a meeting to discuss your needs and a quote for the planned stay.